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Most digital nomads travel around the world with a laptop in hand seeking remote foreign lands and landscapes to work from. However, making traveling plans is not that easy. One would have to consider all the necessary resources they require to remain comfortable throughout the travel period. To assist digital nomads to have an exciting travel experience, here are some tips for travel;

  • Use of apps

Today, there are very many apps which can help you adjust to the new environments as a digital nomad. Some of these apps include Google translate app which helps you translate signs and menus, Triposo which has offline country guides that are offline maps, currency rates for conversion and some key phrases found in multiple languages and local taxi apps or Uber to assist you to get to your destinations easily and safer, Trello if you are working with a remote team, a virtual assistant or other outsourced staff or are a freelancer with clients also can help you keep your projects organized and allows you to create teams for easier communication and collaboration. Other apps that are similar include Asana. These apps make your traveling life simpler and bearable. We have listed some of them in our website, you can read it by clicking here.


  • Planning ahead for your trip

Planning to travel can be a very painful and laborious process especially if you do it at the last minute or if you do not do the necessary research. Some of the countries in the world may require you to have an exit ticket prior to obtaining a visa or getting on a plane. Other countries require you to have documented proof of vaccinations such as yellow fever and others diseases. You should do your research well beforehand to ensure that you are not frustrated before your trip begins. You can visit Health Canada for the vaccinations that are required by destination here Numbeo provides current and timely information on world living conditions including cost of living, housing indicators, health care, traffic, crime and pollution.


  • Travelling slowly

Digital nomads combine both traveling and working, therefore, it is essential that you have a proper work-life balance. You should travel slowly and take your time to achieve these goals. This will allow you to immerse yourself in local cultures and getting your work done as you enjoy your trip around the world.


  • Packing smart for the trip

As a digital nomad, you should pack all the equipment that will help you stay productive such as the necessary tools to ensure that you are connected to the internet at all times. If you are travelling with a good amount of technology then you should consider packing an universal adapter and charging equipment and a rechargeable battery pack. You should also buy a local Sim card as soon as you get to your destination, this will help you in communications and connect to local internet hotspots using your laptop. Depending also on your travel situation you should likely bring a portable backup hard drive. These are just some of the things you should pack to enhance your productivity before you travel.

  • Finding a community

Most digital nomads complain of loneliness while they travel. You should travel slowly and be very proactive when it comes to meeting others. This will ensure that you are able to integrate into the local communities. Networking and connecting with other nomads can be done at working place and during local meetups. Make sure to join some of the digital nomads’ Facebook groups to plan for coffee dates or outing events, ask questions and learn about digital nomads’ travel experience, here you can find some options.

These are some travel tips for digital nomads who want to make the best out of their travel experience.