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Learn The Business of Travel Blogging


Why the BUSINESS of Travel Blogging?

There’s a seemingly endless pool of travel blogs out there. Every day hundreds of people think, “Hey, I travel, so I’m going to start a blog and try to make a living out of this like all the people I see online.” Do you ever wonder if there are too many blogs or how you’ll compete? Well, I’ll tell you a secret! While there are plenty of blogs, THERE ARE NOT A LOT OF WELL-RUNBLOGS — which gives you plenty of opportunity to succeed in the travel industry today. You need to be like the cook who says, “This place is good, but I can do better” and then opens up his own successful restaurant! THIS COURSE IS CALLED THE BUSINESS OF BLOGGING, BECAUSE UNLIKE OTHER TRAVEL BLOGGING COURSES, I’M GOING TO DIVE DEEP INTO THE SKILLS YOU NEED TO TURN YOUR BLOGGING DREAM INTO A SUCCESSFUL REALITY. You already know travel. You’ve been around the world, taken your family on road trips, and visited amazing destinations. Your friends always ask you: “how do you do it?” Imagine being able to share your tips with the world. Imagine setting your own schedule, traveling wherever – and whenever – you want, inspiring others to travel – and getting paid to do it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn your love of travel into a paying gig while helping others at the same time? This isn’t a pipe dream. This is something lots of people already do – and something YOU can do too.


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