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How To Make $10,000 Per Month


How To Make $10,000 Per Month, 'Working' On Your Blog Only 2 Hours Per Day!

What I Did When I First Started My Blog

When I wrote the original Blog Profits Blueprint in 2007 I had just started my third year of blogging. I had grown my income to $10,000 per month, and had about 2,000 people a day visiting my blog.   Everything I did to grow my traffic and make money was fresh in my mind. It was the perfect time to write the Blueprint because I knew exactly what it was like to start from zero. I was ready to pass on my knowledge and help other people begin blogs designed to make money.   If you’re an expert, teacher, trainer, author, speaker or coach and you’re tired of getting paid by the hour, per contract, or being trapped in a job, and want to package up your knowledge into digital products you sell online, you need this free report.   The brand new Blog Profits Blueprint 2017 is now available to download in both text PDF and audio MP3. This complete guide will show you exactly how to set up a blog that is specifically designed to sell your products while you sleep.  
Hi, I’m Yaro Starak and I’m the founder and writer of This blog is for my fellow entrepreneurs, especially if you are interested in following the online business model I have leveraged to make over a million dollars
That business model is:
  1. Start A Blog
  2. Grow An Email Newsletter
  3. Sell Your Own Digital Products


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