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How to Become a Travel Writer


Write Stories That Engage People Emotionally

The biggest problem in the travel industry is a lack of focus on writing.

At blogging conferences, it’s all press trips, marketing, and sponsored content. Writing is usually just paid lip service, but THE FOUNDATION OF A GOOD BLOG IS GOOD WRITING. You will never get anywhere without improving your writing ability. Look at the most successful blogs in any niche. THEIR WRITING IS ALWAYS TOP NOTCH. IT ENGAGES PEOPLE ON AN EMOTIONAL LEVEL AND DRAWS THEM INTO THE STORY. I’ve attended writing conferences, hired a copy editor, and used outside writing coaches over the years to help me improve my writing. (Longtime readers of Nomadic Matt will probably have noticed a big difference in my writing!) Becoming a good writer takes time, practice, and a good teacher. As a fierce advocate of better writing, I wanted to create a writing course that provides detailed, hands-on instruction, because there is simply nowhere bloggers and writers can go to GET A WORLD-CLASS WRITING COURSE AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE.


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