3 Things I Learned from Being with Digital Nomads

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3 Things I Learned from Being with Digital Nomads

Jul 14, 2016 / by admin / In Blog / Comments 2

3 Things I Learned from Being with Digital Nomads

I had the privilege of spending 10 days with an emerging group of people called “Digital Nomads”.  I observed them with wonder and curiosity as I am fascinated with this type of lifestyle.  It’s fascinating to me because digital nomads have the ability to work from anywhere in the world!  They are not confined within an office cubicle to do their work.  All they really need is their laptop and wi-fi.  Technology has certainly played a big role in this shift of how people are now working and doing businesses.

Here are the 3 things I learned from my experience and observation of digital nomads:

1. Surround Yourself with Like-minded People

The digital nomad lifestyle can be lonely since most people have 9-5 jobs.  And those who have “normal” 9-5 office jobs might think you’re crazy for not having a “normal” job so it’s very important to surround yourself with those who have the same views on this new way of working.  Being surrounded by people who have the same views as you, affirms that you are not alone on your journey and encourages you to keep going because there are others out there who are doing it too.  They understand the struggles and challenges that come along with the lifestyle and can help you get through some of those things.  On the opposite of that, they also know and appreciate the joys of being a digital nomad and can celebrate those joys with you.

2. Freedom is Valued more than Money or Things

Having been in the corporate world for almost 10 years, being in a rat race and surrounded by people who were driven by money and acquiring material things, I noticed a huge difference being with digital nomads.  Digital Nomads clearly value freedom more than they do money and material things.  I’m sure some are motivated by money but most would much rather have the freedom to see and explore the world and experience the things that money can’t buy.  They’re certainly not driven by acquiring material things as it’s difficult to travel with so much stuff when you have digital nomad lifestyle.  They learn to travel with just the daily essentials they need and of course all the different gadgets to do their work remotely.  I could also sense how much happier they were and how their lives were more fulfilled.

3. The Importance of Community

In a short span of 10 days, I witnessed authentic friendships being formed, new businesses being created and even romantic relationships blossom.  That’s just some of the things that can happen when a group of like-minded people come together in community.  It was amazing to see the group of digital nomads helping each other out on the projects they’re working and collaborating on new ventures.  It wasn’t a rat race, everyone was working together to build each other up so everyone can succeed.  10 days is not a long time, but I had genuine connections with people who I can see myself having lifetime friendships with.  There’s definitely an undeniable feeling of belonging when you’re part of that community.

More and more people are choosing the digital nomad lifestyle because of it’s many benefits.  It’s also now easier than ever to have that lifestyle especially with work and travel programs like what B-Digital Nomad offers.  These programs a great because you’re surrounded with like-minded people and travel together in community while making a difference in the world.  I experienced and saw great things being created and achieved in just 10 days, but imagine what can come out of a 1 month, 4 months or even a one year program.  The possibilities are endless!


By Aubrey Perez



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