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Today, most people are choosing to work away from an office setting due to various reasons. As compared to an office setting, one is more productive working away from such a setting. Some prefer to work from home while others become Digital Nomads. Working as a Digital Nomad has many benefits. Among them is one gets to explore new destinations, meet new people and get to experience different cultures. Looking at the benefits, you may think being a Digital Nomad is an easy lifestyle, well it is not.  Digital Nomads are faced with challenges such as lack of Internet connection, failure to meet deadlines all thanks to incorrect time zone conversion and many other factors and variables.

Some of these challenges can be overcome with the help of apps such as:


Trello helps you as a Digital Nomad to keep track of your daily activities hence staying focused therefore meeting deadlines. It also helps you work as a team with your co-workers. You can download Trello for free on your smartphone, tablets, and laptop. Trello boards help you organize your ideas, your to-do, doing and done lists. The main advantage of Trello is that it works seamlessly wherever you are.


What better way to manage your tasks than using Wunderlist. This app is based on to-do lists. The aim is to assist you to manage and stay on top of multiple projects. It comes with an additional feature which allows you to share your list with other coworker and assign them different tasks. You can increase your productivity with this app.


Digital nomads need to travel light and stay organized at the same time. Docady helps them store and organize documents into relevant categories. You do not have to waste time searching for paperwork on a certain subject. With Docady, you can take a picture of all the essential documents you need for the day. This helps avoid carrying large files with you everywhere you go.

Crash plan

Data security should be most important concern to Digital Nomads. There are many incidents that can occur leading to loss of data. Digital Nomads should back up their most valuable files all the time and Crash plan helps you access them from anywhere in the world.


Since Digital Nomads spend most of their time travelling all over, it is good to learn different languages. The best way to learn is from the local people in foreign countries but the second best way is Duolingo.  It helps improve your social skills by enabling you to learn different languages.


Sometimes, working alone can be more productive than working as a team.  Solo is a great app that helps you to monitor your performance and manage clients.  It also tracks your expenses and generate invoices. This app surely simplifies your life as a Digital Nomad freelancer.


While travelling, many things can happen which can lead you to drift your focus from your work. This app guides you in the various way of meditation therefore attaining peace of mind.


Being in a new environment can be very scary. Citymaps2Go lets you navigate through these areas at ease. All you need to do is download the map and you can access it offline with the help of this app.

There are many apps out there that can make digital nomad’s life easier. You can create an account for free and download those apps on all your devices. These are just some of them.

Digital Nomads need these apps to help their business grow.


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