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Learn Spanish online with Hablamos Spanish

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Learn Spanish online with Hablamos Spanish

Ever dreamed of hiking Machu Picchu, living in Argentina and learning the tango, or sipping Sangria in Spain, but worried about the language barrier?

With Hablamos Spanish, you can overcome this challenge by learning Spanish online with experienced, qualified instructors that are passionate about the language and culture.

Kirsten, Director and Co-founder of Hablamos Spanish, took the time to answer a few questions about what they offer!

What is Hablamos Spanish?

Hablamos Spanish means ‘we speak Spanish’. Hablamos Spanish is an online Spanish school which allows you to learn Spanish from the comfort of your own home or office using video conferencing with Skype or Gmail from USD$15 per lesson.

Our instructors are experienced, qualified native Spanish speakers who are passionate about education, the Spanish language and Latin American culture.

Our private lessons allow you to feel comfortable, free and confident to develop your skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

What inspired you to start Hablamos Spanish?

I had been studying Spanish privately via Skype for seven years when I decided to put what I had learned into practice. I packed my backpack and headed to South American for three months.

It was during my adventure that I truly fell in love with the language, the people and the culture and wanted to share this with others. My Spanish teacher Tania also had the same dream.

When I returned, Tania and I turned our dreams into a reality and launched Hablamos Spanish! We’re lucky we get to share what we love, with people around the world every day!

Why should we enrol in Spanish lessons with Hablamos Spanish?

There are so many reasons to learn Spanish with Hablamos Spanish, but here are just a few:

  1. Our lessons are private and personalised, so you see real results, real fast
  2. Our lessons are location independent – you can have them wherever you are in the world! You don’t even have to leave the house!
  3. Our instructors are qualified, experienced, patient and have a sense of humour
  4. We are very passionate about this beautiful language and the Latin American culture and we’d love to share that with you!
  5. Digital nomads participating in the B-Digital Nomad program spend the first five months in predominantly Spanish speaking countries. What better way to prepare you for your adventure than to gain the skills to communicate and connect with the locals and truly experience the culture

How much do your lessons cost?

First take advantage of our free 30 minute trial lesson then choose from one of our affordable lesson plans:

1 lesson per week – USD$170 for 10 lessons*

2 lessons per week – USD$160 for 10 lessons*

3 lessons per week – USD$150 for 10 lessons*

*costs are for 55 minute lessons and include all course materials

We accept payment via PayPal.

Do you cater for different Spanish levels?

Of course! We cater to all levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Our lessons are flexible and are adjusted according to your learning needs and interests. Your instructor will give you 100% of their attention during your online Spanish lesson and you will learn at your own pace.

Whether you’re studying Spanish at university, are travelling to South America or just want to learn a language, we can tailor a program to suit you.


What are the technical requirements to start studying Spanish with Hablamos Spanish?

It’s simple! To get started with Hablamos Spanish, all you need is:

  1. Skype and/or a Gmail account
  2. Access to a computer with a microphone, speaker, webcam and strong internet connection

Where is your favourite Spanish speaking country?

That’s a tough question! Bolivia has incredible natural landscapes, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before! The Bolivian altiplano is something out of this world – there you can find mesmerising salt flats, puzzling multi-coloured lakes, active volcanos, pink flamingos, bubbling geysers and natural hot springs and a night-sky glittering with stars.

But if I could choose a Spanish speaking country to live, it would have to be Argentina! My favourite cities are Buenos Aires and Mendoza. Buenos Aires because as an edgy metropolis, it has so much to offer; from incredible street art, to sultry tango shows, from buzzing market places, to beautiful parks. And you can’t beat Mendoza for the beautiful mountains and stunning wineries. Next time you’re in Mendoza, make sure you taste the Malbec with a side of juicy Argentinian steak.

For more information, or to enrol in Hablamos Spanish, visit www.hablamosspanish.com.

You can also follow their adventures on Instagram or Facebook.


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