The digital nomad lifestyle: How to stay healthy and avoid sickness while travelling

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The digital nomad lifestyle: How to stay healthy and avoid sickness while travelling

Aug 25, 2016 / by admin / In Uncategorized / Leave a comment

The digital nomad lifestyle: How to stay healthy and avoid sickness while travelling

Most of a digital nomads’ life is spent travelling. Travelling is fun and enjoyable but it has its ups and downs. Getting sick is one of the biggest threats to having a good time while travelling. It can also prevent you from accomplishing your tasks and meeting deadlines. Staying healthy is the key to a successful and enjoyable nomadic lifestyle. The best thing you can do is prevent yourself from getting sick by all means possible. After all, prevention is the best medecine. Below are some of the ways to stay healthy while travelling;


Digital nomads are commonly affected by certain diseases simply because they did not take precautionary measures. Before starting your travel, it is important to do research on the travel destination to check if there are any outbreaks or other health hazards. Visiting your travel doctor is recommended so as they can administer the necessary vaccinations. Also consult with your doctor if the vaccination requires a follow-up or not. Visit this website to find out what the vaccination recommendations are by destination:

Staying active

Most blogs and articles always talk about the importance of exercise and staying active, especially on the road. While travelling, staying active and healthy should be on top of the list. Exercise helps fight unwanted infections through strengthening the immune system. In addition, exercise helps keep the brain active therefore maximizing your productivity. Do not be consumed by your work, take time and walk around or even try hiking if your destination allows it. Walking and cycling are great ways to get around and explore the cities instead of taking a car or transit. Other tips for a digital nomad to remain active would be to get a cheap membership to gyms or studios, remember to stand up, walk around and take breaks in between your work, and ask if a standing workstation is available at your co-working space.

Respect your body

Some digital nomads push their bodies too hard until their immune system gives up leaving room for illnesses. To ensure you stay healthy, it is good to give the body what it wants. If you feel exhausted from the day’s work, take a break and relax. Also, getting enough sleep while on travel helps prevent sickness. It’s also a good idea to eat local healthy nutritious whole foods instead of highly processed junk food. And avoid consuming too much alcohol.

Drinking bottled water

Dehydration is common in digital nomads especially those who travel to destinations with high temperatures. Drinking water helps you to stay hydrated and healthy at all times. However, be keen on the water you drink. Do not satisfy your thirst at the expense of your health. Not unless you are sure of the purity of the local water, it is advisable you drink bottled water. If buying bottled water squeezes your budget, then you can use bottles with inbuilt filters. But remember to recycle the bottles after use.

Observing the weather

Weather can be the cause of your deteriorating health. Some people get sick as a result of weather variation. As a digital nomad, you should check the weather forecast for the travel destination so as to bring with you the appropriate clothing. Avoid common colds and sunburns by observing the weather before travel. Remember to pack sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, towels and swimsuits for hot destinations and rain jacket or parka for cooler to colder destinations.

Avoid food contamination.

Diarrhea, vomiting and other stomach upsets can be easily avoided by eating non-contaminated food. Make sure the food you eat is handled well. Eat from places where hygiene is highly observed especially if you are taking a bite from the food courts and street stalls. Don’t forget to add over-the-counter medicines for stomach upsets and diarrhea to your packing list.

All these are some of the precautionary measures that one can take to ensure that they have good travel experiences. The next time you are planning to travel make sure you go through these prevention tips to stay healthy.

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