How to Convince Your Employer of the Benefits of Working Remotely

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How to Convince Your Employer of the Benefits of Working Remotely

Oct 27, 2016 / by admin / In Blog / Leave a comment

How to Convince Your Employer of the Benefits of Working Remotely

Are you successfully employed and wish to work remotely?

Here are 5 key tips to help convince your employer of the benefits of working from home:

  • Evaluate Your Position

Despite the fact that remote working has proven to be successful for both the employee and employer, it does not work in all cases. Before speaking with your employer you should think it through thoroughly. Does it work for your position? It would be tricky to convince your boss to allow you to work from home if you are a supervisor, or you must be physically present for meetings. Ensure that your desire for remote working and practicality, go hand-in-hand.

  • Have the Right Reasons

You should have the right reasons as to why you desire to work from home. A survey summarized in the Microsoft whitepaper, Work without Walls, indicates the top 10 benefits of working from home from the employee viewpoint:

  1.  Work/life balance
  2.  Save gas
  3.  Avoid traffic
  4.  More productive
  5.  Less distractions
  6. Eliminate long commute
  7.  Quieter atmosphere
  8.  Less stressful environment
  9.  More time to see the world
  10. Environmentally friendly

It is easier for your employer to understand your situation if you have legitimate reasons, provided you can still add value to your company.


  • Formulate a Plan

It is prudent to formulate a plan before approaching your employer.  Most of the times the employers are worried for how this will affect them, so if you could think of all the problems or challenges they could be thinking off and solve them before hand, this could facilitate the situation.

A couple things employers worry about are:
1. Time zones: You need to come up with a plan on how will you handle this, maybe connect in the morning to finalize any outstanding tasks, leave your phone on so you can get notifications from them in case they need you, connect again at night to be present with them in calls, etc
2.Private information: Maybe you would need to get together with your IT department to get an VPN connection so your information is secure.
3. Internet access:  Do a research of internet speed of the locations you are planning to travel, get a mobile hotspot, search for co-working spaces,  coffee shops, restaurants, etc close to your accommodation.
Create a remote-work policy that works for both you and your employer. Ensure your productivity is measured and reported. Prove you are a highly engaged worker, set specific goals and always be available via phone, text or email.
  • Propose a Trial Period

Sometimes it takes time to convince your boss that working remotely can be successful, especially if no one else in your company has tried. Propose a trial period to prove that you are more productive while working remotely. Continue to track and report your successes – soon you will have your wish granted.

  • Be Flexible

Companies that allow remote working have a series of goals, communication systems and metrics. Productivity can easily be measured. Ensure you are flexible and accomplish your company goals. Work hard to show remote working is effective. Your employers want to know when and how you plan to attend meetings. This should be easy due to the availability of effective communication tools such as Google Hangout and Skype among others which make it possible to attend meetings virtually.

  • Key Takeaways

Prove to your employer you enjoy working remotely. Research shows employees are more productive when working remotely. Additionally, supporting a remote workforce reduces the need for expensive real estate, helps reduce overhead costs, offers workers flexibility and success, and increases job satisfaction and work/life balance. It is a weather-proof arrangement.

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