The Benefits of going Location Independent

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The Benefits of going Location Independent

Jun 15, 2016 / by admin / In Blog / Comments 7

The Benefits of going Location Independent

If you’re sick and tired of the endless commuting time to work or the daily stresses in the office environment, think about a telecommuting option before quitting your job. This would allow you to be location independent and an opportunity to increase your productivity from the comforts of your home or from anywhere you want to work. If you are a travel enthusiast, this would give you flexibility to travel around the world and work from destinations you could only dream of. Well, it doesn’t have to be just a dream, you can make it a reality. You just have to persuade your employer that it’s not only great for you but also beneficial to the company. Here are some key points in convincing your boss that telecommuting is way to go:

Increase in Productivity

We all have different working styles and are productive at different times of the day. Telecommuting would allow employees to work when they’re most productive, which could mean beyond the typical “9-5” office hours. Another thing to consider would be the amount of time spent commuting in stressful traffic to and from the office, which can instead be allocated to work. Working remotely would also limit the inevitable distractions in an office environment.

Decrease in Overhead Costs

As company sizes grow, they need to consider proper work spaces for their employees. Companies would save a significant amount of money from costs incurred for office space if they allowed telecommuting. Other expenditures such as electricity and office supplies would also decrease.

Retain Employees

Giving employees the flexibility of being location independent would mean less sick days, as stress would decrease and the likelihood of catching a cold would also decrease. The level of employee satisfaction would increase and would result in low turnover. Retaining employees would save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Hiring the Best Talents:

Telecommuting work positions would open up the talent pool when companies hire. They would not be restricted to geography or time zone. This could potentially extend the company’s territory without having to spend money on setting up an office in other parts of the world. It would also be an opportunity for employers to work with people from different cultures allowing them to diversify and evolve.

When considering a telecommuting program, if it enhances your creativity and productivity, then it’s worth a try. So, set out your goals of working remotely. It may include coordinating with an overseas client during odd working hours. When you convince your boss, emphasize that all lines of communication will be open and you stay connected at all times. Ensure your employer understands that you will perform at the best of your potential by joining this revolution called telecommuting.


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