The Advantages of Having a Remote Work Force and a Remote Managed Company

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The Advantages of Having a Remote Work Force and a Remote Managed Company

Dec 28, 2016 / by admin / In Uncategorized / Leave a comment

The Advantages of Having a Remote Work Force and a Remote Managed Company

Numerous companies are allowing remote working as a smart way of doing business. As a result of having remote workforce companies are benefiting immensely.

Some of these advantages include;

  1. Recruitment and retaining top talent

Companies are realizing that high performing workers can deliver from anywhere rather than in an office environment. As a result, many of these companies are offering their employees with the chance to work remotely which allows them to meet their other obligations such as family among others. By working with a remote workforce companies are able to recruit top talent from all over the World while winning their existing employees loyalty. It becomes easy to have access to broader global talent moguls who are less expensive and want to work remotely.

  1. Happier and more productive employees

It is a fact that working remotely allows remote workers to take care of their other obligations freely.Consequently, it makes them happier knowing that they have the freedom to spend quality time with their loved ones unlike those working in physical offices. In the end, the companies that hire remote workers stand to gain a lot from their employees. The flexibility and freedom to work remotely lead to happier employees who have a tendency to work harder to increase their productivity.

When a person is working from their home, they are free from the daily distractions that take place in an office, instead  they can focus on the task without interruption. The majorities of remote workers feel treasured and more valued by their respective companies and will, therefore, ensure that they prove their worth through increased productivity.

  1. Creation of superior long-term business performance

A remote work strategy is increasingly becoming more popular among numerous giant tech companies such as; Total, Mozilla, and Automatic. These companies are realizing that being allowed to work remotely promotes the creation of long-term sustainable strategies through cohesive high-performance culture. Working with well-integrated values-driven workforce results in superior long-term business performance.

  1. It promotes healthier workers

Long commutes are terrible and also make employees miserable and has been linked to weight gain, stress, loneliness and causes neck pain. Working from home makes it easier for employees to find time to improve their overall health through enhanced healthy diets, regular exercise, and meditation among others. All these combined result in a healthier and more productive remote workforce which works in the company’s favor.

  1. Flexibility

Hiring a remote workforce is advantageous in that it increases flexibility as far as scheduling among other work arrangements for employees and management are concerned. It also reduces costs while improving workers productivity and engagement.

6. Businesses and employees save money

Having employees working remotely help businesses save money in office rents, office supplies and furniture, janitorial services, and electricity are reduced. And finally, allowing employees to work from home reduces the amount of call-ins (people who are likely to call in due to illness or inclement weather). Unscheduled absences such as these can cost a business up to $1,800 per employee per year, according to Global Workplace Analytics.

It’s not as if businesses are alone in saving money. Gas prices are going up and the cost of public transportation is also rising. Not only are people becoming depressed by their commute, they’re going broke.


From the above benefits, it is evident that the number of remotely managed companies will be on the increase in coming years.

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