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About us


B-Digital Nomad’s mission is to create programs that inspire people to combine their passion for travel, explore new places and make a difference in communities while working remotely in their current jobs. 


We believe that the world has so much to offer and life is too short to be lived in one place. We believe our current way of living and working can be improved and balanced. We believe that we don’t need to wait for something to happen to travel and see the world.We believe that now is easier than ever to be connected and work remotely. We believe that travel opens minds and helps us see how similar we all are to each other. We believe that we can help the less fortunate to improve their quality of living by empowering them. 


Work and life balance 

Unconditional gratitude 

Community – Contributing to society 

Empowerment – Encouraging people to follow their dreams 

Open to possibilities



A Mexican-Canadian accountant professional by day; a traveller by heart. After years of working in the corporate world, Estela decided to leave it all behind and have her own “Eat, Pray, Love” experience around Europe and Asia. After a two year long hiatus, Estela discovered her passion for travel. She now helps others break free from their desks and achieve their life dreams of travelling around the world too.

AUBREY PEREZ, Communications Director

Aubrey has been in the marketing and advertising world for 9 years but feels most alive when she’s exploring and getting lost in the real world. Consumed by wanderlust, she loves going on adventures and learning about different cultures. She wants to continue to have adventures all over the world and hopes to inspire others to do the same through her photos and the stories found between the pages of her passport.


ANDREW RODRIGUES, Asia Coordinator

A Portuguese-Singaporean born in Singapore, Andrew has been in the hotel and resort sales industry for nearly 20 years. With his experience and knowledge of the industry, he has helped set up and train offices around the world, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. Andrew’s greatest passion is to ensure that his clients’ holiday dreams come true.

FABIO REATO, Italy Coordinator

Want to have a true Italian experience? Meet Fabio, our Italian hailing from Veneto, Italy…who knows all the Italian hotspots! Fabio is passionate about both dance and travel, and with his travel experience around his own beautiful country of Italy, Fabio will make you feel what the real Italy is all about. Although Italy is his specialty, he is also knowledgeable about Spain, Amsterdam, Czech Republic, Hungary, England, Canada, and Mexico.


NICOLAS MARCHAL, Belgium Coordinator

A Belgian guy who really loves to travel. He first got the travel bug when he travelled to Australia for a full year, and then he continued on to Asia for a year longer. As a chef-in-training, he combines his passion for food with his passion for travel. For his next trip he will be travelling around the world with his “knives” to master the art of cultural cooking. In his spare time, Nicolas also enjoys the cinema, beer, and Belgian fries…just the same as all Belgian guys do. Visit his country and he will show you the typical Belgian dishes and more.

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