4 Hottest New Destinations for Digital Nomads

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4 Hottest New Destinations for Digital Nomads

Oct 18, 2016 / by admin / In Blog / Leave a comment

4 Hottest New Destinations for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads travel the world while they continue to work. A lot of people are becoming digital nomads. Travelling is at times cheaper than paying for rent for your house. It also makes you very productive and expands your horizons by meeting new people from different cultures all over the world. Deciding the best exotic location for you to visit is usually the first step to becoming a digital nomad. There are very many locations for you to choose from. Below are some of the latest and most popular destinations a digital nomad can visit. Digital Nomads are becoming very popular in Southeast Asia. The main reason is the cost of living that is way cheaper than other destinations and the lifestyle. Many backpackers, travelers, and digital nomads start out with countries like Thailand.



In the recent years, Chiang Mai, located in Northern Thailand, has grown like wildfire with new restaurants, cafes, and shopping malls coming up almost on a daily basis. It is the home to an international airport which offers you convenient flights to and from Bangkok. Beautiful weather, street vendors of food, delicious foods, cheap apartments for rent, fast internet with speeds of up to 20Mbps among other many adventures for you, have made it a favorite location for digital nomads. The best time for you to visit would be during the cooler months between November and February. Avoid the months between February and April as they are normally referred to as the burning season. Punspace is the best coworking space for digital nomads. If you are planning to visit Chiang Mai, don’t forget to plan a trip to Doi Inthanon National Park, the most popular national park, which includes Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand. Beautiful islands like Koh Lanta might be very attractive but remember, the more remote you get the more likely Internet is slow.


Today, the city of Ho Chi Minh, formerly named and still also referred to as Saigon, is among the most popular destinations for digital nomads in Southeast Asia. This is because of its delicious food which is very cheap, its climate and strong internet with speeds that can go up to 20 Mbps and also the common use of the English language. There are very many historical sites and museums for the history lovers. These includes war remnants museum, the museum of Vietnamese history and reunification palace. The best co-working area is Saigon coworking. Ho Chi Minh city offers great networking opportunities with other nomads. For online entrepreneurs, the city hosts regular Dynamite Circle’s meetups, an English speaking community. The best month to travel in Vietnam is October in the North the weather is dry and temperature are mild, the rain becomes the norm in the central provinces and in the south temperature remains stable with less rain. October is also the month of festivities including October 10th that is a major celebration which relates to the liberation of Hanoi.


It is a little jungle town in central Bali. Over the years the town has grown exponentially. This is the town to visit if you are looking for some quiet and peaceful environment. The internet speeds are low but the town has very many arts and crafts, galleries and museums, a variety of wildlife and other activities for you. The best coworking spaces are Lineup Hub and Hubud. Best time for visiting is from June to September. The popularity of Bali for digital nomad and online entrepreneurs is mainly due to its high quality of life and low cost of living.



This is another destination for you. It has a historical heritage that is colossal. This includes squares, convents, monuments and churches. It is a city that is among the most cultural cities in Spain. The best time to visit would be during April and May. Avoid July and August due to the suffocating heat of the sun. Seville and other small cities and towns in Andalusia offer a great opportunity for digital nomads and backpackers. The main reasons are the combination of landscapes including mountains and beaches, and remains a good alternative for nomads who don’t want to travel all the way to Southeast Asia while having an amazing weather and excellent infrastructure.
Today, these are some of the best destinations for digital nomads in the world. Others include; Veneto area in Italy, Langkawi in Malaysia, Belgium and Merida, Mexico. You should visit these places and create your own favorite places, food courts, and good memories.

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